Meet The Team

Paige Henderson

I am the owner and lead photographer

at Bellus, A Photography Boutique.

"I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, and deserves an amazing portrait that captures that beauty."

I began photographing people around high school about 1985 (ouch, that seems so long ago!) and was soon obsessed with the capturing moments

and action around school for our yearbook.   I was obsessed as a teen with all things fashion and had a dream of one day working for Vogue Magazine. 


Lene Gant

Lene is our Production Assistant and is in charge of client experience.  

She has a gift for making you feel like a super star! She runs all of the

behind-the-scenes and will make sure your portrait session is relaxed and fun.  

We are so blessed with Lene because she is a photographer who has amazing vision and creativity.  She is the mother of three handsome sons and Lulu her adorable fluffy dog, and wife to Joseph.  She is an Alabama transplant, but says she is not a 'Bama fan :)

Virginia Sibley

Virginia Sibley is an artist with an attention to detail.  From hair and makeup to videoing behind the scenes of our portrait shoots, Virginia makes sure everyone is having a great time and looking their best. When she isn't working at Bellus, you can find her in her art studio creating amazing resin art work and gorgeous paintings.  She's an awesome Mom to her daughter and we are so blessed to have here here with us!



Our goal (more like obsession!) is to create the most gorgeous portfolio of imagesthat you have ever seen of yourself.

The portrait experience is more than just photographs for us.  We want to know your story so that we photograph you in the most authentic way possible.


5150 Highway 22, Suite C7, Mandeville, LA United States

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