thank you for scheduling your portrait consultation phone call! you will receive an email consultation with the details.

— Talk to you Soon!

What to expect next:


The Phone Consultation

The details! I want to hear it all. What are you thoughts, vision, ideas and plans? We will discuss the Bellus process and discuss the booking process. Choosing your photographer can be difficult, and we will make sure this will be a perfect fit for you.


Style & Design


Let's talk wardrobe, location, styling and theme. What are we going to be photograph? Where will the final images live? Are we creating a portfolio of social media images or a beautiful piece of wall art for your home?


The Photo Shoot

OK, I can't lie! This is the best part! Photo shoots are so fun! With all of the details and plan in place, we can focus on creating amazing photos! The photo session is fully guided and posed. You will be coached and directed throughout the entire session.


Image Reveal Session

Based on your selected session, we'll arrange a date to unveil your stunning images.