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Glamour Portraits - Contemporary Style!

Think back to 1985, walking in the mall in any city in the U.S., and you would inevitably see a Glamour Shots portrait photography studio. Women were pampered with hair and makeup, made to look like and feel like movie stars and models, and photographed like they would grace covers of magazines. It looked so fun, though I never did it. Fast forward to today, where the desire to be photographed has not changed, only the style in which we do it. Portraits are still so important in keeping the family histories alive, of capturing that moment in life that passes so quickly. I wonder if, in about 20 years, when we go to look for photos of our children, we will remember which CD, or flash drive that they are contained in. Don't get me wrong, a digital back up is important to have, but they don't really look very attractive hanging on the wall in your home!

I am so excited to offer in my studio, a contemporary glamour portrait session where my clients will be made up and pampered so that they feel their most comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera. The shoots will last about 90 minutes, and will include fully guided and relaxed poses. I will choose my favorite 20-25 images, to present to you a week after the session. We will schedule a time for you to come back to the studio, drink a glass of wine, and watch a video of your portraits. The 25 that I have chosen will be printed and matted for you to touch and feel. Of course you are free to purchase only what you love. (for more information on pricing, contact me and we will schedule a phone or in-person meeting) Since your images are matted and ready for framing, they are ready to come home with you. They are packaged in a beautiful archival folio box for storage and safe keeping. This moment and time of your life is fleeting, so how will you remember it? #ExistInPhotos #MomsNeedphotosToo #pamperYourself


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