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Outtakes From My Shoot with Beth

I recently worked with a six year old little girl in my studio. I haven't worked with very young girls in a long time, and I was not real sure how it would go. For this shoot, I had specific lighting set ups that I wanted to try and a vision for the shoot and needed some exact poses to match the look I wanted. Beth had her own ideas of how the shoot would go, and I decided to roll with it. What I quickly found out was that she was a bouncing rubber ball disguised as a small human child. Her energy was non-stop and boundless. But what fun she was. I thought I would share the photos because her expressions are unbelievable and so full of personality! She took over the helm at the makeup chair and I just let her go with it. It was a day of dress up and fun and I loved it! Thank you to my little model for keeping me just a little younger and reminding me that life is way too short to sweat the small stuff!

It took all of these shots to get to this shot:

Working with kids is very unpredictable, and after raising four kids of my own, have learned to just let their energy guide you. Their perspective is amazing and they are always looking for ways to have fun. And, some times it's good to have a plan, but other times ya just have to go with the flow.

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Photog info:

Canon 5D Mark IV

Sigma 50 mm Art 1.4

Godox Studio Strobes

Photix Softlighter

(Vintage Toddler Dress that belonged to my daughter)


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